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Neha Agarwal L911*
Wendy Anderson Marybeth Kradel
Jeffrey Ashley Jason Lempieri
Sohail Baig Harvey Lermack
Herb Barndt Mark Liff
Frank Baseman Jane Likens
  William Lindsay
Claire Beevers Ryan Long
Beth Blinebury Barbara Lowry
Anne Bower Matt Macioge
Janet Brady Ron Magee
David Breiner Thomas Magee
  Davinder Malhotra
Edgar Stach Elizabeth Mariotz
  Dolly Bernard-Marks
Susan Christoffersen Reza Masoodi
Tod Corlett Marcella McCoy
  William Mcgarvey
  Alex Messinger
Diana Cundell Matthew Milkevitch
Anusua Datta Michele Mislevy
  Jaideep Naidu
Kamini Desai-Carroll Vidya Nandikolla
  Natalie Nixon
  Ann Northrup
Steven Dinero Thomas O'Donnell
  Claire Owen
Robbin Durie Raju Parakkal
Daryn Edwards Chris Pastore
Marie-Eve Faust Carter Pierce
  Martina Plag
  Ray Poteau
Rob Fleming Anthony Profeta
Lorraine Ford Mark Purcell
Celia Frank Mike Rackover
Susan Frosten Niny Rao
  Maureen Y. Roberts
Rob Fryer Jerry Rosenau
Brian George Faye Ross
Kathryn Gindlesparger Hussein Rostami
  Marion Roydhouse
Muthu Govindaraj Cathy Rusinko
Steven Grazio Phillip Russel
Craig Griffen Lloyd Russow
  Heather Samuels
Michael R. Hagy John Sanford
Anne Hand Tom Schrand
Valarie Hanson Rick Shain
Kristin Haskins David Smedley
Cynthia Haynes Steve Spinelli
George Heake Mark Stauffer
  Laura Strychalski
EJ Herczyk Les Sztandera
Carol Hermann Lee Tabas
Laurel Hoffmann Phil Tiemeyer
Nancy Jo Howard Jill Todd
Katherine Jones Fernando Tovia
Kenneth Kay Hitoshi Ujiie
Barbara Kimmelman Stacey Van Dahm
Jeffrey Klemens  
Ellen Knapp Robert Whyte
Bennur Koksuz Peter Wolff
Simon Koumjian  

*L911 is the Contemporary Perspectives course at Philadelphia University.

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