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Design Education for a Sustainable Future (DESF) is a new book and web resource which is written and designed to assist built environment educators in their pursuit of increasingly higher levels of sustainability in their curriculum. The goal is to provide a set of tools to assist faculty members to move beyond the intention to teach sustainability to an operational condition.

Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Architects,
Civil Engineers, Architectural Engineers, and Planners

Design Education for a Sustainable Future

  • Provide a well-balanced and well researched book that will assist design educators in their pursuit of increasing levels of effective sustainable design education

  • Provide a catalyst to those professors who have yet to engage in the sustainability discourse, to begin their search for authentic sustainable design education

  • Create a project that expresses multiple voices, from diverse viewpoints, in order to build an inclusive understanding of sustainable design education

  • Provide an ongoing venue for design educators to learn from what others are doing to innovate within their own courses

The five identified Intentions discussed in the book are: Design Consciousness; Inclusive Learning Environments, Cooperation as a cornerstone of interdisciplinary work; Re-alignment of typical sequences in the design studio, and a focus on Integration as a means to achieve Integral Sustainable Design

The Five Operational Approaches discussed in the book include: Integrated Design Charrettes, Design Build Projects, On-line Education, Co-Curricular Initiatives and eco-literacy





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