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Craig S. Griffen RA, LEED AP Curriculum Vitae
Associate Professor
Philadelphia University
School of Architecture
  Color Details from Vis 2 Course  Using Precedents from "Material and Design" Textbook The Sustainable Potential of AAM Concrete

2008 ACSA West Regional Conference, USC

  Recycled Material Costumes

Design 8 Halloween Materials Project 2007

Sabatical Research:

Flying Carpets; The Floating Roofs of Renzo Piano Building Workshop

2008 ACSA Annual Meeting

  Visualization 2 - Documentation & Detailing

Teaching Construction Details with Color  - BTES 2006

Woven Treehouse -

A Personal Design/Build Project

  Feltonville Boys & Girls Club

Design/Build Studio

ACSA Annual Meeting 2006

The Ethics of Exploiting Sustainability as a Vehicle for a Return to Quality Construction

  Image3.jpg (119385 bytes) Design 8
Fourth Year Studio
ACSA International Conference 2005

Icon Busting; Freeing Students from Architectural Stereotypes

Design 7/10 Suburban Housing 

Design 7/10 Design/Build 

Cradle 2 Cradle Competition
  Design 8
Emotion Costumes
 2004 ACSA Technology Conference

Car Disassembly Project

Design/Build Studio

Truly Affordable Design?
ACSA Technology Conference

SECCA HOME House Project 
EggDrop.jpg (44064 bytes) Building Technology 1

Fundamentals of Buidling Construction Web Site


The Primitive Hut in the Digital Age

Faculty Design Project to be presented at the 2002 ACSA Annual Meeting 

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Weaving as an Analogy for Architectural Design

ACSA Annual Meeting 2001

    Better Living Through Circuitry?

ACSA International Conference 2001


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Will This Kill That?;
The Computer and the Hand

ACSA East Central
Regional Conference

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