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Ala Kachuu-Kyrgyz


[Kyz = girl;   Korgon = shelter or place to seek protection]

Dedicated to understanding Kyz Ala Kachuu, preventing non-consensual marriage,
and providing assistance to women who are kidnapped for marriage against their will. 

Mission:  "Assist in developing the civil society in Kyrgyz Republic 
by supporting the institutes of human rights in particular the protection of women's rights".  


Forcing a woman to marry, to continue a marriage or kidnapping her in order to marry without
her consent, is a violation of Kyrgyz criminal law, Islamic Sharia law, Kyrgyz tradition (adat),
and of her fundamental human rights of security, freedom and equality.



    Gazbubu Babayarova, MBA                               Russell Kleinbach, Ph.D.
Director                                                                Deputy Director

    Ripska 11/5,  Prague 3,  130 000                       Philadelphia University, Professor Emeritus                                   

    + 420-774-97-43-13                                          Philadelphia: + 215-951-2606
                                                                                  Bishkek Cell: +996-553-67-60-97
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