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ALL COUNTRIES (comparative country data by topic, arranged alphabetically (general statistics first, followed by agricultural data... women, which is gender-specific data). Most sources include data on 200 countries and territories. Those that don't are indicated as 'limited coverage'.

Please note that terminology, such as GNI (Gross National Income), rather than GNP (Gross National Product) is used by some resources. Please also see the updated version of "Village of 1,000 - in the Year 2005."


bulletGeneral macroeconomic and social statistics: (see also "Women of the World" and "Market Research Reports" below)
bulletInternational Bank for Reconstruction & Development (IBRD) -- World Bank {national statistics by country or, by topic, (including agricultural output, aid, air pollution, commodity prices, debt, education, energy, health, income distribution, poverty, purchasing power parity, traffic, and urbanization). World Development Indicators (selected tables - from right frame, select from the following: macroeconomic, and external economic indicators, population and labor force, distribution of income or consumption, health, education, commercial energy use, land use and urbanization, forests and water resources, growth of the economy, structure of the economy: production and demand, central government budget, trade, balance of payments, external debt, and basic indicators for other economies}. World Development Reports focus on a variety of issues that change from year-to-year: Development and the Next Generation (2007); Equity and Development (2006) A Better Investment Climate (2005); Making Services Work For Poor People (2004); Sustainable Development (2003); Building Institutions for Markets (2002); Attacking Poverty 2000-2001. For earlier years of World Development Reports, <click here>. The World Bank classifies countries by level of development, indebtedness, and geographic region (for a list of countries in each category, click <here>). Searchable data base of documents and reports (browse by country or topic;. See also, Quick Query (includes 54 time series indicators for 207 countries and 18 groups, spanning 5 years) World Bank (IBRD)}. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) produces something similar -- World Economic Outlook Data Base.
bullet International Monetary Fund {Staff Country Reports -- Very detailed reports, for approximately 150 nations.  Includes recent economic developments (social expenditures, foreign direct investment, national accounts, production statistics, exchange rates, balance of payments, trade, etc.) statistics, and special reports. They are not listed alphabetically in the traditional sense. Many treat "republic" as if it were "the" in a title of a book, The IMF does not, so if you're looking for Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, and many others, they are listed under "R" for Republic of <country name>. You may wish to perform a page search -- Ctrl+F in Internet Explorer or Netscape -- to locate the country.  Once you have selected a country, you can either order the publication for a fee, or download a *.pdf file; International Monetary Fund (IMF)}
bulletInternational Monetary Fund, Part II {World Economic Outlook. Select either by country or "aggregate" (economic grouping, like 'developing nations' or geographic region, such as Sub-Saharan Africa) then select topics and years of interest. You can download the data as CVS files which are recognized by most spreadsheet software programs including MS Excel, Lotus, etc.; IMF}. See also the World Bank counterpart, Quick Query.  
bulletLibrary of Congress Country Studies {formerly, US Army Handbooks; US Library of Congress}.
bulletNationMaster {Compare one nation to another -- Fun too!; Your Nation}.
bullet Strategis {country-specific reports (many from STAT-USA - but free access), including Country Analysis Briefs, Country Background Notes, Country Commercial Guide, Foreign Labor Trends, Industry Sector Analysis, International Market Insight, and CIA World Fact Book. See also country and region reports -- biased towards Canadian business, but broader applications as well); Strategis--Industry Canada Online}.
bulletTradePort {VERY general information -- includes demographics, background notes, political environment, trade relations and trade barriers, investment climate and market research reports for selected products and industries; TradePort}.
bulletUnited Nations {economy, geography, population, and social indicators; United Nations (UN) InfoNation.  See also "Social Indicators" below}
bullet US Central Intelligence Agency {World Factbook. Communication, defense, economy, geography, government aid, infrastructure, people, political parties, maps, measurement conversion tables, trade, and transportation; See also reference maps, or download the current or past Factbook or components and Factbook Appendices (which contain abbreviations, lsits of international organizations and selected environmental agreements); US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)}.  
bulletSee also Nation Master (tables, charts, and graphs; primarily CIA Factbook data, but other sources as well. Data may be a from previous year, rather than most currently available). {comparative statistics on a multitude of criteria from a variety of reputable national and international sources -- well cited at the bottom of tables you request. Excellent format; Nation}.
bulletAn enterprising gentleman, Mr. Photius Coutsoukis has captured early editions of the World Factbook, and even entered the most current data into spreadsheets to allow for some data manipulation, charting etc. I have personally checked some data from early print editions I have in my collection and all seems as it should be, but some care should be used when referring to this data.
bulletUS Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration {Market Research Reports -- 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports (Country Commercial Guides (CCGs), Industry Sector Analyses (ISAs), International Market Insight (IMIs), and Multilateral Development Bank Reports), web sites, events, and trade directory listings; US Buy USA Program; U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service, International Trade Administration (ITA). See also Background Notes (US Department of State).  The Economic Policy and Trade Practices Reports  are no longer produced -- the program was ended in 2002, but there are some useful insights (older Country Commercial Guides: 1996-2001). Source agencies: US Department of Commerce (USDOC), International Trade Administration (ITA), Foreign Commercial Service (FCS), and US Department of State}.
bullet World Bank {Prospects for the Global Economy - outlook summary, financial markets, world trade, growth, major trends, etc.; World Bank - a.k.a. International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (IBRD)}
bulletSee also Country Snapshots {a.k.a. "GeoWorld" - country overview, data, news, "create your own report", download data in different formats; World Bank}.
bulletWorld Resources Institute {agriculture and food; atmosphere and climate; basic economic indicators; biodiversity and protected areas; coastal, marine, and inland waters; energy and resource use; forests and grasslands; freshwater; population, health, and human development; and urban data. See also "Environment" below. World Resources Institute (WRI)}.
bullet Agriculture and food {over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics in agricultural, fishery, forest and related products, production, and trade data. See also the Statistics Division, and the Statistical Links pages; FAOSTAT; Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations}.   See also the Earth Trends tables on agriculture and food, etc. {scroll down the page for these tables; World Resources Institute; WRI}. 
bulletCentral Banks {general information and statistics; Bank for International Settlements (BIS)}.
bulletChambers of Commerce {select "Global CCI Chamber Search" under "General search", then enter a country or region to get contact information on local chambers of commerce; World Chambers Network}.
bulletUS Department of State {select "Country Desk Contacts" or "U.S. Embassies and other Posts" (link to latest declassified list of personnel and other key posts (in host country -- look for "POL" -- political officers (abbreviations used by the State Department) who offer advice on the political environment; US Department of State}.
bulletCountry Desk Officers {If in Washington, dial area city code - 202, then number. Select "Country Desk Contacts" or "U.S. Embassies and other Posts" (link to latest declassified list of personnel and other key posts (in host country -- look for "COM" (Commercial), "ECON" (Economic) and "POL" (Political) officers (see abbreviations (PDF format file) used by the State Department on the lists of country experts) who offer advice on trade and tariff laws, business practices, etc.; US Department of State}.   
bulletGlobal Competitiveness Reports {select "Global Competitiveness Report". Although there is a charge for a hard copy, it is possible to download statistics and most, if not all of these reports. See also the Global Map of Growth Competitiveness; World Economic Forum; World Bank Group (IBRD)}.
bulletCorruption: (see bribery and intellectual property in the "law" section below).
bulletCrime {INTERPOL no longer allows free access to international crime statistics).
bulletThe International Compliance Association (money laundering prevention - especially their links to global agencies with similar goals); as well as links to bribery and corruption listed below}.
bulletThe United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime provides statistics on crime through a series of surveys {the 1st and 2nd survey results are combined and cover 1970-1980; the most recent completed is the 8th survey which includes data for 2001-2002 (select this one for latest data); the 9th survey is in process (no statistics yet). The data is provided by crime or variable; or by nation. Statistics are provided in absolute terms, as well as per 100,000 inhabitant - which allows for better comparison across nations. Most data may be viewed on screen or downloaded as PDF files, or as Excel files. Please also view the collection techniques and statistical notes}. There are also a number of reports that focus on drug-related criminal activity; as well as sites that focus on corruption; organized crime; trafficking in humans; and terrorism.
bullet World Criminal Justice Library Network {see also individual country statistics;  World Criminal Justice Library Network (WCJLN)}.
bullet Culture: (Culture is a difficult concept to quantify and measure and there are generally few reliable and current statistics available; even fewer that are free. CultureGrams, first produced by Brigham Young University, are now made available in a variety of formats (online, print, etc., for the World, or individual nations) through Axiom Press. Other products are also available Also available is an online data base. Relatively inexpensive reports ($4.00 or less per country) that contains some data, but primarily descriptions of national norms and generally accepted behavior patterns. See also, the Human Relations Area Files "eHRAF Collection of Ethnography" (Yale University). Subscriptions are not inexpensive, but are perhaps the most complete and reliable.)
bulletCalendars {holidays, special occasions, and important dates by culture; Calendar Zone}.
bullet Definitions of culture {Washington State University}. 
bulletLanguage (see also UNESCO web site regarding endangered languages, as well as the EU Translation Center and the Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE) -- (EU member languages only) multilingual online dictionary of the Translation Services of the EU is the EU inter-institutional terminology database.  Can be used for technical specifications, terminology, etc.; Europa).
bulletiLove Languages {language resources including dictionaries, thesauri, and schools, as well as newspapers, spell checkers, and translation.  Try "By Language" to identify resources associated with particular languages; iLoveLanguages/Human Language Page}.
bulletSDL Translation {insert text, or hyperlink to translate a web page; SDL International}.
bulletYour Dictionary {dictionary and translations}.
bullet Ministries of Foreign Affairs {Select country -- have to search for Ministers of Culture within each site - unfortunately, not consistent from nation-to-nation. European only; EU Council}. 
bulletReligion {religious statistics and recommended readings;}.
bulletReligious Freedom {Religious Freedom Reports; US Department of State}.
bulletValues {Selected data on the values of people around the world. See also the research and articles that were based on this data and the online data extraction and analysis site; World Values Survey. You might also want to review the research performed by the University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research (ISR), Center for Political Studies and review the description of the first three waves of research (PDF file)}.
bulletCurrency/Exchange Rates:
bulletBloomberg {convert currencies, or value in U.S. dollars - daily, including cross rates; Bloomberg}.
bullet {foreign exchange, with moving averages of daily prices, futures;}.  
bulletOanda {current and historical prices; New Markets International}.
bullet RatesFX {includes data on exchange rate volatility and currency derivatives; University of Tampere, Matti Tukiainen}. 
bullet U.S. Federal Reserve {H10 Update. See also historical H-10 releases-through May 2006; and historical foreign exchange data-includes as much as 25 years of data for major currencies; US Board of Governors Federal Reserve System (FED)}.
bullet {current prices of currencies, including SDRs - Special Drawing Rights}. {daily exchange rates;}.
bulletDoing Business in.... {select country, topics (hiring and firing, for example), and related economic data on most of the world's economies. Be sure to see the interactive Doing Business in MAP; World Bank Group (IBRD)}.
bulletBusiness Environment Snapshots {See especially the "At-a-Glance" tables and data; World Bank/IBRD}.
bulletEconomic and Financial Information {World Economic Outlook. Scroll down the page to access and download data in charts, boxes and figures in either PDF format or CVS format (compatible with most spread sheet software) [requires Adobe Acrobat Reader* -- Get reader].  Earlier versions include the 2006 World Economic Outlook; 2005 World Economic Outlook (Tables in PDF format); 2004 World Economic Outlook (Tables in PDF format); 2003 World Economic Outlook (Tables in PDF format); 2002 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF or in CVS format -- You may also download the files in CVS format  and therefore may be imported/read by most spreadsheet software); 2001 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF or in CSV format); 2000 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF or in CSV format), the 1999 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF), the 1998 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF), and the 1997 World Economic Outlook (tables in PDF). Statistics are available for each in the Annex sections of the reports at the bottom of the web page; IMF}. See also the WEO databases.
bulletEconomic Freedom: {see Index of Economic Freedom below}.
bullet Economic Prospects/Predictions: {See in particular the Appendixes. Tables are in PDF format. See also the Prospects for a Global Economy, as well as the earlier Economic Prospect Reports: 2007; 2006; 2005, 2004, and 2003 for comparison; World Bank (IBRD)}.
bullet Globalization Index {measures of interdependence, development and stability - trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), gross domestic product (GDP), as well as telecommunications (Internet and telephone data; See also older reports in PDF A.T. Kearney }.
bulletPrice elasticity for food and other broad categories of products {download data for over 100 nations in broad food categories, US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service}.
bulletUnited Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); See especially, Quick Facts, the database, statistics, and country and regional profiles; See specific statistics related to education, literacy, science and technology, and culture and communication. {Older, time series data is also available from the Institute for Statistics -- includes educational attainment, enrollment, illiteracy, public expenditure, and teaching staff, 1970-1997 by region, country, topic, and year.  See also UNESCO World Education Indicators for other education indicators. See also the Education for All {Education for All (EFA) forum; United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)}.
bulletU.S. National Center for Education Statistics {select international and year(s); statistics on selected topics for selected countries, including scores on international achievement tests in math and science; see especially COOL (College Opportunities Online Locator) and other statistical tools and international education data resources; National Center for Education Statistics; U.S. Department of Education}.
bulletWorld Resources Institute (WRI) {EarthTrends provides tables, searchable data bases, country profiles and maps. Using the sitemap makes selection quicker and easier. Select desired information from the Some data is a little old, but collected from reliable sources. Access to some data requires registration, but no fee}. Searchable dataset (look across top frame to select general category - "Coastal & Marine Ecosystems", "Water Resources and Freshwater Ecosystems",.. ) - searchable database, maps, country profiles, and data tables; very interactive. Also, download podcasts on special topics. Atmosphere and climate, biodiversity, energy and materials, food and agriculture, forests and land cover. Also see  earlier reports: WRI, 2005, WRI, 2002-2004; WRI, 2000-2001; WRI 1998-99; WRI 1996-97; WRI 1994-1995; WRI 1992-1993; and; WRI 1988-1989 (no registration required. Includes data on urbanization, dependency ratio (people <15 and >65 as a percentage of total population), poverty levels, access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Download or purchase hard copies reports. World Resources International (WRI)}. See also, texts of environmental treaties {organized alphabetically, chronologically, and by subject. Treaties are also arranged by area or nation in the "Country Explorer" site; Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI, Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC), Columbia University}.
bulletFlags {Information Technology Associates, Inc.}.
bullet Heads/Chiefs-of-State/World Leaders, Cabinet members, and other officials {USCIA}.
bulletHealth Statistics {"Basic Health Indicators" -- diseases, environmental health, mortality rates, which you can view, or download in MS Excel and plain text files; WHO Statistical Statistics Information System; World Health Report.  See also World Health Reports, Archives, for a historical perspective}.  See also, the Global Health Atlas Data Query (communicable diseases, doctors, nurses...), and links to country-specific health data as well as the WHOLIS library and inforamtion networks for database and health-related articles; {World Health Organization (WHO)}. For HIV data, see also, UNICEF statistics {UN}.
bulletHuman Rights:
bulletInternet Statistics and Reports: (most provide general data for free; charge for details - typically expensive).
bulletInternet World Stats {Internet World Usage; see the 'surfing page' for a description about resources,  measures/measurements, and calculations.}
bullet PEW Reports {See also "Trend Data" and select data set under "Data Sets" and "Explore Topics"; The Pew Charitable Trusts}.
bullet United Nations' E-Commerce and Development Report {a little old - 2004; others are available online free-of-charge - see Division on Technology and Logistics (DTL); United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD)}.
bulletLabor Statistics {Select a region or country, then on country site select "statistics."  Includes manufacturing value added (MVA), compared internationally and by industry (referred to as "manufacturing branch"); value added by employee and wage rates by industry.  Select region or country, then on country site select "statistics." Some data is a few years old; UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)}.    See also Labor under Laws heading.
bulletAFL-CIO {limited country coverage - affiliations, contact information, focus, history. Note that many are in national languages; AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations}.
bulletIndustrial Workers of the World {limited country coverage - global labor union}.
bullet LaborStat Internet {very comprehensive labor labor statistics; International Labor Organization (ILO)}
bulletWorld Trade Union Directory {limited country coverage - World Trade Union Directory; Steve Davies, Public Services International Research Unit, Cardiff University}.
bulletLaw:  (for political risk and political risk insurance see, "intellectual property" and "political-environment" below; as well as "INSURANCE (commercial and political risks)" listings on the Ev-In Market Entry Assistance page.
bulletGeneral International Law Resources:
bulletAmerican Society of International Law {general information, see also electronic resources, and publications}.
bulletCornell Law Library {Cornell University Law Library}.
bulletDoing Business in.... {select "country" - most of the world's economies; World Bank Group (IBRD)}.
bulletFindLaw {search by country, region, type (constitutions, trade, treaties, and conventions); Find Law}. 
bulletLibrary of Congress {Guide to Law Online; US Law Library of Congress.}
bulletWashburn University {includes constitutions, environmental laws, human rights, intellectual property, international treaties.  Search by topic or area (region and country); Washburn University, School of Law}.
bulletInternational Chamber of Commerce {an organization recognized by the U.N. and in most nations as an authoritative dispute resolution resource.  This site provides organization information, dispute resolution services, documentation, & information; standard arbitration clause - download full text in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish ... Vietnamese;  (ICC)}.
bulletInternational Centre for Dispute Resolution {arbitration and mediation rules, guides, and forms, demand for arbitration, etc.; American Arbitration Association}. 
bulletBribery and corruption:
bulletGovernance Indicators {or country data reports, or download data reports. See also the publication and research site for articles, case studies and course materials, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility site; IBRD}.
bulletBusiness Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) {a continuation of the IBRD material; the Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) of 4000 firms in 22 transition countries; and World Bank (IBRD)and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)}.
World Business Environment Survey (WBES) {a continuation of the IBRD material; the interactive World Business Environment Survey (WBES) is a survey of over 10,000 firms covers enterprise responses to multiple questions on the investment climate and business environment. Download reports or data as MS Excel file, or generate question-specific charts; IBRD}.
bullet Global Map of Corruption and Transparency {Interactive map; World Economic Forum (WEF)}.
bulletInternational Compliance Association (ICA). {International Compliance Association - association dedicated to prevention of money laundering. See especially their links to global agencies with similar goals}.
bullet Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). {Anti-Corruption Unit; see especially the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions which went into effect on February 15, 1999}. 
bulletTransparency International. {Corruption Perceptions Index. See also TI Bribe Payer Index; and the Internet Center for Corruption Research (partner with TI to develop CPI. Information on the CPI, including when and how it was developed) and the Global Corruptions Report, and the Transparency International (TI) publications, news and resources page; Transparency International and G÷ttingen University}.
bulletUnited States' Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). {See also the US DOC Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce and the Trade Compliance Center); {USDOC/ITA}.
bulletCopyright (see Intellectual Property Protection section below)
bulletCorporate Governance; Codes of Conduct (codes are non-binding)
bullet Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (documents related to bribery and corruption and PDF version of recommendation adopted in 1994 -- 5 pages - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader* -- Get reader).
bullet World Bank Institute (WBI) {Business, Competitiveness, and Development Program; virtual resources; World Bank Group (IBRD)}. See especially the video recordings of the "Voluntary Codes Of Conduct For Multinational Corporations Conference", May 12-15, 2004.
bulletCustoms/Tariffs/Taxes: (agreements, conventions, and laws regarding establishing tariffs)
bullet World Customs Organization {See also, special topics - nomenclature, valuation, origin, enforcement and compliance, etc. -World Customs Organization (WCO)}.
bulletEthics (primarily US/North American focus)
bulletBusiness Ethics {an online magazine, the focus of which is social responsibility}.
bulletBusiness Ethics, Canada.
bullet Corporate Ethics {Washington Post}.
bulletCorporate Fraud Task Force {Formed in 2002; inactive? U.S. Government, Office of Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice}.
bulletCorporate Social Responsibility.
bulletE-Business Ethics {Colorado State}.
bulletHuman Rights:
bulletAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) {see also the general publication list and the international office site; Science and Human Rights Program}.
bulletAmnesty International {annual reports; Amnesty International}.
bulletHuman Rights Library {human rights documents; University of Minnesota}.
bullet United Nations {major human rights issues and human rights bodies and treaty bodies ; see also the statistics page (refugees, asylum seekers, etc.); High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR - alternate UNHCR site), UN}.
bulletUnited States Department of State {Human Rights Practices Reports; US Department of State}.
bulletIntellectual Property: (see also ICC Commercial Crime Services {ICC}; and individual country listings, under "other intellectual property offices" {USPTO}, as well as the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters (CLM). [Back]  
bulletEuropean Patent Office (EPO) {European patents; Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC). See also the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for trademark registration within the EU}.
bulletIP Law and Business {recent news about copyrights, patents, or trademarks, as well as other IP-related stories, and events from around the world; other resources as well. Some free access, some access requires registration or subscription}.
bulletInternational Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) {includes estimates of piracy losses worldwide and by (60+) country. See also the country reports for US 301 information}.
bulletJapanese Patent Office (JPO) {while focus is on Japan, of course, see also, links to 50+ other national and international patent offices}.
bullet United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) {Universal Copyright Convention of 1971 - for full text, see: Statutory Text.  See also UNESCO's page on copyright -- publications and National Copyright Legislation}.
bulletUnited States Customs & Border Protection Service {Protecting intellectual property -- see enforcement page. Also recommended is the US Bureau Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center; US Customs Service}.
bulletUnited States, International Trade Administration (Stop Fakes) {What is intellectual property and how to protect it; USDOC/ITA}.
bulletUnited States Patent and Trademark Office  (UPSTO) {See especially the trademarks "How to..." site and downloadable versions of all Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) forms needed for filing and prosecuting international applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  See also the searchable database of pending and registered US trademarks {Select/press "SEARCH" in right frame. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)}; the 2009 Super/Special 301 Reports and related activities; US Trade Representative (USTR)}.  See also the United States Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. For U.S. patents, also refer to Delphion/Thomson Publishing Company {Requires registration; searchable U.S. -- members can also search the European, Japanese, and WIPO patents) and application data, including pictures.  Also see their gallery of obscure patents and historic patents}.
bulletWorld Intellectual Property Protection Organization (WIPO) {See especially the text of the "Paris Union Convention" and article 6ter of the convention on emblem and mark protection for states -- Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property}.
bulletWorld Trademark laws {laws, databases and treaties; Gregory H. Guillot, Chartered }.
bullet Explore Topics {provides comparative statistics about the employment requirements in a country, including regulations and requirements about firing/releasing employees. See other topics including 'starting a business' and 'enforcing contracts'; World Bank Group (IBRD)}.
bullet NATLEX {labor, social security, human rights database} and ILOLEX {international labor standards database; see especially the Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and Social Policy site. See also, the library of other databases; International Labor Organization (ILO)}.  
bulletMultinational treaties and conventions {diplomatic relations, environment, human rights, law of the sea, rules of warfare, as well as convention information for EU, NAFTA, and WTO; Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), US Law Library of Congress}. 
bulletLegal news {FindLaw}.
bulletRegional and national law:
bulletEuropean Union (EU) EurLex {full text of the founding treaties, binding and non-binding legislation, opinions, and resolutions issued by the EU. Note CELEX has been discontinued}.  See also the list of European standards organizations (CENELEC, CEN, EOTC, etc.). See also, the European Patent Office   {European patents; Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for trademark registration within the EU}.
bulletMercado del Sur (MERCOSUR), also known as The Treaty of Asunciˇn {information on rules of origin and dispute settlement; Organization of American States (OAS)}.
bulletNAFTA Secretariat {see "Legal Texts" and "Dispute Settlement"}.
bulletOrganization of American States (OAS) {dispute settlement, intellectual property rights, investment treaties, and trade agreements}.
bulletUnited States (U.S.) see crime statistics and the list of standards organization (ANSI, NIST, NCSCI, etc.) as well as United States economic and trade sanctions {Office of Foreign Asserts Control; restricted goods and trading partners. See especially Designation Lists And Financial Advisories; U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control. See also the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and the 2009 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers. Selected earlier reports: 2008, 2007; and trade issues by geographic area, pertaining to manufacturers (by industry) and service industries as well as trade issues pertaining to the environment; US Department of the Treasury and US Trade Representative (USTR)}.
bulletForeign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); {See also the Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce and the Trade Compliance Center}.
bulletUSA PATRIOT Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) {Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; US Department of the Treasury, Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI)}.
bullet Standards and Certification Boards and Organizations (will transfer you to another section on this web site).
bulletTax Law: {country-specific sites, including some from Ernst & Young and KPMG; Tax and Accounting Sites Directory}.
bulletTrade Law and treaties: (see also the Region page on this web site).
bulletAfrican Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) {treaty among 35 African nations and the United States}.
bulletCaribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) {US Department of Commerce, ITA; Office of Latin America and the Caribbean}. See also, CBI and Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act information (CBTPA) {U.S. Trade Representative}.
bulletLex Mercatoria, University of Troms°, Norway {international trade instruments, treaties, conventions, model laws, rules, by topic, and by industry}.   
bulletUnited Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) {see, in particular, UNCITRAL text index (those that have been adopted)}.
bulletU.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC; Alert 301 service) {trade disputes between US and other nations and potential trade barriers against specific import goods; Section 301, US Trade Act of 1974}.
bulletLaws pertaining to United States exporters: Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and the 2009 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers. Selected earlier reports: 2008, 2007; and trade issues by geographic area, pertaining to manufacturers (by industry) and service industries as well as trade issues pertaining to the environment; US Department of the Treasury and US Trade Representative (USTR)}. See also U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC; Alert 301 service) {trade disputes between US and other nations and potential trade barriers against specific import goods; Section 301, US Trade Act of 1974}. For country and regional tariffs resources, see the Tariff and Import Fee Information {See especially country-specific tariff and tax information; and tariff and tax information by country (select area; on next page, 'click' on the blue arrow beside the name of the country and select 'Customs Information and Import Documentation' - not available for all nations). Export.Gov, USDOC, ITA}.
bulletAtlapedia Online {physical and political maps as well as general statistics on countries of the world; Atlapedia Online; Latimer Clarke Corporation}.
bullet Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. {or purchase maps from an assortment of psychical and geographical maps; US CIA}.
bulletDoing Business in... MAP {World Bank Group (IBRD)}.
bulletNational Geographic {maps of the world, by nation, region; geographic, political, population, weather and more.  Excellent source feature that identifies resources and allows users to download or order 'raw' data; National Geographic}.
bulletUniversity of Texas {Perry-Casta˝eda Library Map Collection. comprehensive site for physical, political, economic, and historic maps of nations and territories, as well as cities and states; University of Texas, Austin}.
bulletWorld Bank {"GeoWorld" - country overview, data, news, "create your own report", download data in different formats; World Bank}.
bullet Market Research Reports {company and industry-specific reports, U.S. export data; See also  Human Rights Practices, and Religious Freedom Reports -- all are written under the auspices of the US Department of State}. 
bulletPolitical Environment:
bulletEconomic Freedom Annual Report {index of economic freedom provides a measure of the level of government intervention. Note that the *.pdf tables in Chapter 5 are approximately 60 pages.  Download the data; Free the World Economic Freedom Network and the Fraser Institute}. See also the Globalization Index
bullet Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Risk Sovereign Rating {See also the 2008 Democracy Index (PDF); Economist Intelligence Unit}.
bulletFreedom House {select year from drop down box. See also tables and charts, as well as country reports; Freedom House}.
bulletGovernments on the WWW {links to government sites by area or country; Governments on the WWW; Gunnar Anzinger}.  
bullet Index of Economic Freedom {ranked index of freedom; download in PDF format or view in HTML. Select country or region, view past rankings, and view by selected political environment criteria.  Collapses 50 variables into categories like "government intervention in the economy," "wage and price controls," and "property rights".  Selected chapters from previous year reports are also available; The Heritage Foundations & Wall Street Journal. For political risk insurance, see "INSURANCE (commercial and political risks)" listings on the Ev-In Market Entry Assistance page}. See also the "Economic Freedom of the World" {download country data tables and selected chapters, or purchase the entire publication; Cato Institute}.
bulletInter-Parliamentary Union {national parliaments; Inter-Parliamentary Union}.
bullet Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) (focus is on Latin American nations, as well as a few other countries around the world. LAPOP provides results/reports on surveys they conduct on the political views (democratic values) of the citizens of the various countries; LAPOP).
bulletOpacity Index {Select PowerPoint slide show to view recent index - slides 10-12 of the 28 slides; Kurtzman Group}.
bulletPolitical Resources on the Net {political environment -- searchable and sorted by country}.
bulletPRS Group {requires registration, but no fee for selected data and sample reports. View current International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) and tables (available as download in Excel file format), Country Report and a sample Political Risk Letter; PRS Group}.
bulletReligious Freedom {Religious Freedom Reports; US Department of State}.
bulletReporters without Borders {'Worldwide Press Freedom Index', see; 2008; 2007; 20062005; 2004, 2003, and 2002; Reporters without Borders}.
bulletTerrorism: US Department of State {Terrorism Reports (earlier reports: 1995-1999; 2000-2006); US Department of State, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism. Because of what then Secretary of State Colin Powell called a "big mistake" in the data reported in the initial 2003 report, these reports, while still available, will no longer include detailed data. The responsibility of collecting and providing information was transferred to the Terrorist Threat Integration Center. The 2003 and earlier reports are US-oriented, but include world-wide statistics. See also INTERPOL reports, EUROPOL, and the United Nations Action to Counter Terrorism}.
bulletUS Department of State {If in Washington, dial area city code - 202, then number. Select "Country Desk Contacts" or "U.S. Embassies and other Posts" (link to latest declassified list of personnel and other key posts (in host country -- look for "COM" (Commercial), "ECON" (Economic) and "POL" (Political) officers (see abbreviations (PDF format file) used by the State Department on the lists of country experts) who offer advice on trade and tariff laws, business practices, etc.; US Department of State}.   
bulletWorld Audit {See also the Economic Freedom table; the Political Rights Checklist; and the corruption table; World Audit}.
bullet Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) {World Bank/IBRD}.
bulletPolitical Risk: See "Political Environment" above, especially terrorism. See also Chubb Insurance library (on commercial risk management).
bulletCensus Bureau, U.S. {population by age groupings and gender (select year, then 'submit'); ethnicity, religion, and language; family planning; fertility and child survivorship; households; literacy; labor force, employment, and income; marital status; migration; vital rates, infant mortality, and life tables for 1950 - 2050. The "country summaries" - select country - includes 40 demographic variables such as population, urban/rural split, religious affiliation, trends and projections 1950-2050 can be displayed, printed, or downloaded to spreadsheets; International Database (IDB), US Bureau of Census}.
bulletPopulation Reference Bureau {population statistics including birth rates, death rates, contraception, life expectancy, and urbanization. See list of downloadable PowerPoint slides on population as well as aging, HIV, youth, and other topics; as well as "How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?"; Population Reference Bureau (PRB)}.
bulletUnited Nations {General population: death (mortality) rates, demography, fertility rates, migration, population growth, urbanization patterns.  Some data is available in Excel spreadsheet format, others are in PDF format; United Nations Population Division, and the Population Information Network, (UN)}.
bulletSee also, United Nations' Human Development Reports {(download the Human Development Reports in *.pdf files (see especially the statistics). Population demographics by age and gender -- referred to as the "Gender-Related Development Index" (abbreviated GDI).  Other Indexes as well, including the "Human Development Index" (HDI) and others that are not gender-specific; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)}.
bulletSee also, the United Nations' State of the World's Children  {The State of the World's Children -- in PDF, or you can order a print version. Browse by country or topic. See, in particular, the statistics for children and women: basic indicators, nutrition, health, and education for 195 countries .  See also statistical data by country and by topic (or area); UNICEF}.
bulletSee also, the United Nation's State of the World Population {see, in particular, worldwide indicators. Provides data on population, population growth rates, projected population, percent urban, etc. as well as mortality, education and health statistics; United Nations Population Fund}.
bullet Production Data {trade, production, and protection data; downloaded as zip files, some of which are very large (20+ MB) because of data detail; (IBRD)}.
bullet Social Indicators {education, income & economic activity, health, housing, literacy, population (youth & elderly), sanitation, water supply access, unemployment, etc. See also United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) statistics page for focus on health, education, etc. data with focus on women and children - also HIV data; UN}.
bullet Trade Offices {foreign chambers of commerce, foreign trade and economic offices, foreign trade representative offices and foreign embassies located in the U.S., as well as foreign customs offices located overseas; USDOC, ITA}. 
bulletTrade Statistics:
bulletHarvard Atlas (interesting visualization/display of data)
bulletInternational Trade Center (INTRCEN) {imports and exports at 3-digit level and by country. Also Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) Manual; International Trade Center, UNCTAD/WTO}.
bulletUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 2008 Handbook of Statistics {Online version - includes statistics, on trade in goods and services, as well as foreign direct investment (FDI) (download PDF versions, or purchase), earlier years: 2006-07; 2005, 2004, 2003, UN, UNCTAD}.
bulletWorld Trade Organization (WTO) {by region and industry sector - annual.  Scroll down the page for historical data for merchandise trade, commercial services trade, and merchandise exports.  Download tables in *.xls file format (MS Excel), and reports in *.pdf files; Word Trade Organization}.
bulletUrbanization {select "Urban Population %" from the "Select Population and Health Variables" box; Population Reference Bureau (PRB)}.
bulletWeather {World Meteorological Organization (WMO); United Nations (UN)}.
bulletWomen of the World:
bulletCEDAW {The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) provides Country reports on compliance with this treaty; United Nations, Division for the Advancement of Women}.
bulletDemographic and Health Surveys {gender data for developing countries. See also "Stat Compiler" which allows creation of tables based on selected countries and criteria. Some data is old.}
bulletInter-Agency Gender Working Group {IGWG}
bulletIPU {The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) provides data on women in parliaments around the world, ranked by nation}.
bulletPopulation Reference Bureau Gender information {demography, economic status, education, and leadership, statistics. See also web resources, and the PRB Datafinder - select "women, ages... women, as percent of parliament' from the "Select Population and Health Variables" box; Population Reference Bureau (PRB)}.
bullet United Nations {statistics by gender on the following -- population, life expectancy, basic education, unemployment rate, and women in public life as well as others. See also the United Nations Social Indicator Statistics (many of which are gender-specific); Population Division and Statistics Division of the United Nations Secretariat; Women Watch}. 


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