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bullet Top multinational companies worldwide: top 100, top 50 from developing nations, and top 25 from transition economies (on the basis of sales, assets; referred to as Transnational Companies; World Investment Report Series; (1991-current annual) UNCTAD; United Nations).
bulletAnnual reports and other firm-specific information
bullet Canadian firms {select "Canadian Company Capabilities", then "Browse". See also business information by sector or industrial category which includes information on manufactured goods, service, resource industries, as well as technology; Industry Canada}.
bulletEuropean firms:
bulletCAROL {Company Annual Reports On-Line Requires registration, most data is fee-based. Also access data on firms and stock markets in other parts of the world}.
bulletEuro Pages Directory  {Business Directory - search by name, keyword, or browse by industry: agriculture, energy, food, metallurgy, paper, printing, rubber, telecommunications, textiles, wood, vehicles... Addresses, contact information, web sites, etc.}.
bullet European Union {Note the the EU has changed considerably in terms of membership over the years, from 7 nations back in 1950s to nearly 30 today. The statistics may not always be comparable over time. Eurostat}.
bullet Japanese firms {enter company name; CorporateDirect}.
bulletLatin America {selected countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru.  Company information including contact information, web sites, products manufactured, product catalogs, trade, etc. Some with annual reports;}.
bulletUnited Kingdom firms {Most material other than annual reports and "company fundamentals" requires registration.  A fee is charged for the in-depth company information; HemScott}.
bulletU.S. firms:
bulletBenchmark {by structure - corporations, limited liability corporations (LLC), sole proprietorship; also general U.S. national business statistics, some will require NAICS code information, profitability, etc.; BizStats}.
bulletIndustry outlook {may require SIC or NAICS code information; Bureau of Labor Statistics}. See also Business & Industry data; national industry (summary) data by NAICS {U.S. Bureau of Census}.
bulletPRARS {Search alphabetically, by Industry, or by state; Public Register's Annual Report Service (PRARS)}. 
bulletReport Gallery {annual reports, stock exchange reports, and Zacks research reports of larger U.S. firms. Annual, IR Solutions}.
bulletCorporate Information
bullet {basic profile and financials, including Internet address where available of major companies. Search by company or industry;}.
bulletKompass {Free "Public Access" service (no registration required) provides general contact information for companies by industry for: Agriculture (food and beverages), building and civil engineering, business services (consulting), ceramics, chemicals, education and training, electricity (electronics and nuclear), finance and insurance, handling (distribution, warehousing and packaging), hotels and restaurants, gifts, glass, heating (ventilation and air conditioning, and refrigeration), information technology, jewelry (precious stones and diamonds), mining and quarrying, machinery, measuring and testing equipment, metallurgy (metalworking and metal products), mineral products, office machinery and equipment, oil and gas, optical equipment, paper and cardboard, pharmaceuticals, printing and publishing, precision equipment, rubber and plastics, telecommunications, textiles (apparel/clothing, leather, footwear), travel goods, water and sewage (environmental services), wood (furniture and wooden products) Additional information is available through registration, or you can subscribe for full access to all information on over 2 million companies and 70 countries in the database;}.
bullet Corporate Information {Registration required for trial subscription. Fee for regular services. Company and industry information by country, in-depth company reports for both privately held and publicly traded firms, and list/information of world's largest companies in terms of market capitalization; CorporateInformation} and descriptions of corporate forms {NO FEE for access Inc., SA, GmbH, AG, and NV}. 
bullet Forbes Global 2000 {general statistics -  see also the Forbes 'Lists' page for other 'best,' biggest..}.
bullet Inc. 5.000 {Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies;}. 
bulletNews by Company {includes current events, some annual reports, and other information; Company News On Call; recommend using "buttons," or "complete listing," rather than search feature; PR Newswire}.
bulletSEC (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission), Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR -- "Who Where") {US public corporate information, financial profile, SEC filings (8K, 10K, 10Q, 11K, etc.}.

INDUSTRY (see also the Associations page; product standards and certification, as well as ISO requirements):

bulletGeneral Industry Reports: {See also, by NAICS code (for NAICS information, see product classification page); selected industries monthly reports on U.S. trade, as well as by major trade partner. Aerospace, automotive, chemicals consumer goods, computers, energy, environmental technologies, forest products, instrumentation, machinery, metals, microelectronics, medical equipment, services and finance, and telecommunications, and textiles and apparel, and tourism. See also data on services (output, trade and sales, as well as links to other sites that collect services data; USDOC, ITA}.
bullet Agriculture {also food and fisheries for developed nations; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)}.
bullet Commodity Prices {monthly summary; World Bank "Pink Sheet." Note: previously available historical prices -- five+ year data -- has been removed by the resource provider, World Bank, See also the Global Economic Monitor - registration and subscription required}. 
bulletEnergy industry {worldwide energy statistics. See also [Energy] Country Analysis Briefs; US Department of Energy (USDOE), Energy Information Administration}. 
bulletFish and fish products:
bulletNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service {NOAA; USDOC}.
bullet Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development {also agriculture and food for developed nations; (OECD)}.
bullet Industry Outlook, US {Old -- 2000 edition is for sale, future editions will be posted on the Internet "shortly". Seems questionable whether these will be continued; U.S.-specific, but over 125 industries by 3- and 4-digit SIC codes, the tables also contain employment, wages, capital expenditures, import, and export data; USDOC}.     
bulletIndustry experts/specialists:
bullet {Trade Development (TD) specialists by SIC, or alphabetical by industry. The site is a little difficult at times and may require that you press 'refresh' or F5; USDOC, ITA}.
bulletIndustry reports
bulletCenters for International Trade Development {Aircraft & Parts; Airport & Ground Support; Computers & Peripherals; Computer Software; Cotton; Medical Equipment & Supplies; Pollution Control Equipment; Security & Safety Equipment; Telecommunications Equipment. See also the booklets on each industry}.
bulletTrade.Gov {aerospace, automotive, basic industries, chemicals, consumer goods, computers, energy, environmental technologies, forest products, infrastructure, instrumentation, machinery, metals, microelectronics, medical equipment, services and finance, technology and aerospace, telecommunications, textiles and apparel, and tourism; USDOC, ITA}.
bulletInformation Technology; telecommunications and related industries: See E-commerce and High Technology-Focused News and Internet Statistics.
bulletTransportation: Bureau of Transportation Statistics {view (html or PDF), or download (MS Excel or csv) monthly economic data on indicators related to transportation, for example, air travel price index, domestic airline jet fuel; air carrier on-time performance; motor fuel prices; highway vehicle miles traveled; rail freight: revenue ton-miles; use of passenger rail: revenue passenger miles; US Department of Transportation}.
bulletTextiles and Apparel {USDOC, ITA}.


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