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OTHER, MEGA IB SITES: (there is some overlap, but also many different from those at this site)

bulletFederation of International Trade Associations (FITA) {resources on a broad array of international trade issues, most information is free, but FITA also provides special services to members}.
bulletGlobal Edge (Michigan State University)
bulletGlobal Trade Net (import and export trade resources arranged by country, industries, or topic)
bulletInternational Affairs Resources {see in particular "Organizations," "Regions and Countries," and "Topics" sections; WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources; Dr. Wayne Selcher, Elizabethtown College}.  
bulletUnderstanding the World Today {See especially the data page; Dr. Gene Shackman}.
bulletWolframAlpha {Collection and analysis of data from a wide variety of sources. See especially Places & Geography; and Socio-economic Data; and Examples for a list of topics}.


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