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NEWS: (specific sources) {most allow for RSS, others provide web and podcasts or similar feeds directly to your desktop or other electronic device. What is RSS? To learn more about RSS, <click here>}.

bulletAmerican Enterprise Institute {public policy issues. Select from economic, foreign and defense, as well as political and social news; (AEI), a non-partisan think tank}.
bulletAssociated Press {latest news. For the US -- select a location and source}.
bulletBloomberg (select TV, radio, etc.). 
bulletCommercial News {US Department of Commerce, US Commercial Service; International Trade Administration}
bulletEconomist Intelligence Unit {See also The World in series ... 2008}.    
bulletThe Economist {bi-weekly magazine; if pop-up appears, select "Economist Homepage." Access to some content requires registration, no fee}.
bulletEuromoney Online {registration required}. 
bulletDM Europe {includes special sections on government, Internet and e-commerce, and telecommunications and technology. Register for weekly or monthly news letter; Digital Media for Europe}.
bulletFinancial Times {access to some content requires registration, no fee}.
bulletGlobal Economic Forum and Global Strategy Roundup {summaries of weekly events on key global issues as well as economic events; Morgan Stanley}.
bulletGoogle News {set up an RSS feed}.
bulletInstitute for International Economics.
bulletInternational Trade Update {US Department of Commerce (USDOC)}.
bulletThe Journal of Commerce {international trade news}. 
bulletReporters without Borders.
bulletSurvey of Current Business {regular features include articles and data on U.S. international transaction with rest of the world; Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), USDOC}.
bulletWorld Trade Online {monthly}.
bulletYahoo! {set up an RSS feed - My Yahoo!}
bulletStandard News Sources:
bulletCNN; CNN Money; Business 2.0; {CNN Finance.  Market closing prices for oil, metals, US dollar and treasury market and more -- see "markets"}.
bulletMeet the Press {MSNBC}.
bulletNews Hour {PBS}.
bulletNew York Times {registration required, no fee}
bulletPhiladelphia newspapers.
bulletWall Street Journal.
bulletThe Washington Post {World Headlines; Registration required}.
bulletE-commerce and High Technology-Focused News:
bullet ClickZ {industry-specific, demographics of users, and other information; free, by subscription, or sponsorship}.
bulletE-Commerce Times.  
bulletZD Net News


bullet By topic: Washington Post.
bulletGeneral: {magazines and newspapers by topic and by area of the world; World}.



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