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Village of 1,000

In the years that Everything International has been in existence, over 10,000,000 viewers have accessed this site. More than 200 libraries, colleges, universities, schools, businesses, and government agencies use Everything International as a resource and recommend it to their members and customers. While changes are always in the making and more are planned, the basic service of providing an up-to-date, free-of-charge, international business portal will remain at the core of what is provided. 

Everything International provides links to a wide variety of international business, education, and research internet sites.  This site is designed as a resource.  It is assumed that people using this resource are on their way to another site, and for that reason, "bells and whistles" are kept to a minimum.  The site will be maintained and updated regularly. New links will be added, those that no longer serve a purpose will be deleted. While new sites are added, the object is not to expand, but identify the 'best' resources (those which are reliable, current, and free-of-charge, or relatively inexpensive). When new resources are found, I make a decision of whether to add it, or use it as a replacement for some previously identified resource.

Additional information on the site and author are available on the "about" page.


Contact information:
Dr. Lloyd C. Russow,
Professor of International Business and Marketing
Philadelphia University
School House Lane & Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19144
Ph: 215-951-2819


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