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bulletAirlines and airports:
bullet Airline telephone numbers {toll free with selected home page links}.
bulletU.S. Department of State {general advice, including how to obtain passports and visa information; U.S. Department of State}.
bulletWorld Citizen Guide {download the free abbreviated version, or purchase the full version. General advice, aimed specifically at a U.S. audience, but applicable to all}.
bulletAdvisories, customs {See Know Before You Go and  ; US Customs & Border Protection}.
bulletAdvisories, health {See geographic "Destinations" for area and country-specific information; Center for Disease Control (CDC)}. See also  Travel Health Online {see, in particular, the destinations page for country-specific information  and traveler information page for general travel health concerns; Shoreland, Inc.}.  
bullet Advisories, travel {Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets; See also the general travel advisory page; U.S. Department of State}. 
bulletBanks: Central Banks {national or state banks;}
bulletMegaConverter 2 {Mega Converter 2 - convert anything to anything, such as meters to feet, and gallons to liters -- fun, or use the original Mega Converter}.
bullet Cost of living {per diem rates, world.   See also, the Defense Travel Management Office {Defense Technology Information Center, U.S. Department of Defense}; Worldwide Cost of Living {(registration and fee required) for prices of goods around the world; The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU); The Economist}.
bulletCurrency - Exchange Rates (relative currency usage/popularity; Glossary {})
bulletOanda {currencies, including many not quoted elsewhere, see especially the "Currency Cheat Sheet" -- create a wallet-sized exchange rate chart for currencies, as well as other helpful travel tools;}.
bullet XE.Com {current prices of 64 currencies, ECU/Euro and SDR; XE.Com}.
bullet Voltage Valet  {voltage requirements, cycles, plug types, as well as items for sale, including adapters, converters, and small appliances; Voltage Valet}.
bullet World Electric Guide {voltage requirements, cycles, plug types and the World Electric Guide; Steven Kropla}.     
bullet Embassy.Org   {foreign (non-US) embassies located in Washington, DC}.
bullet Escape Artist {worldwide; also, expatriate, immigration, and moving resources, jobs; Escape Artist}.
bulletU.S. Department of State {U.S. Missions (embassies). See also "Country Pages" and  U.S. Commercial Service Offices {identifies US Embassy offices commercial service contacts around the world, services in each office, etc.; USDOC, ITA}.  
bullet Emergencies and crises {advice when traveling abroad re: emergencies. Includes information on medical evacuation services, executive medical services, etc.; US Department of State}.
bulletExpatriation, repatriation, and relocation: Escape Artist  {See also, particularly, "Expatriate Knowledge Center" - those with "Read" before the title are articles that may be of interest. Select other areas at bottom of page}.
bulletFrance - Minitel {Gateway to French Internet}. 
bulletBritish Broadcasting Company "Quick Fix" {phrases - print and audio (MP3/cell download), online beginner courses, in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, as well as links to resources in many other languages, BBC.}
bulletFree Translation {SDL International}.
bullet I Love Languages {dictionaries, history, newspapers, and other resources; I Love Languages}.
bulletSystran {translation}
bulletYour Dictionary.Com {dictionaries and translation)
bullet Mass Transit (subways/metro/tube/underground)}
bulletAmadeus Global Travel.
bullet Subway Page {Dr. Robert Reynolds}.
bulletPassports and visas:  (see also "Embassies")
bulletUnited Sates citizens: Documentation requirements (passports, visas, etc.) {See also the Passport Office locations, US Embassies abroad, the general visa information, and the National Visa Center; US Department of State}. 
bulletVisas (from/to any nation).
bullet World Wide Dialing Code Guide.
bulletTime zones
bullet Time and {provides local times.  Also allows users to create tables useful in setting up conference calls in two to four cities; time and, Steffen Thorsen}.
bullet World Time Server {current times in any country worldwide with accurate adjustments for daylight savings time rules; World Time Server }.
bulletTravel, tourism
bulletU.S. Department of State {travel tips, information, publications, and tips for general traveling public including, selected countries and areas.  See also services and information for Americans living abroad and Diplomacy in Action Travel information their Business Support -- business travel information and publications on issues including security, emergency situations, doing business, living abroad, as well as lists of important agencies, their location, and phone numbers. See also the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs; US State Department}.    


bulletKid's Page -- Global Traveler {See games: 'Break the Code Game'; US Government support for increased youth involvement in learning about computers, geography, government, history, and science.  Part of the initiative to provide "access to Internet-based Educational Resources for children, teachers, and parents"; privacy statement; US CIA}.


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